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Banking Regulation: Explained

The banking regulation regulated by Reserve bank of India (RBI), The central bank of India, under the provision of Banking regulation act,1949.
The Important aspects which control the banking regulation in India are described below:

Cash reserve ratio and statutory liquidity ratio:

  • According to banking regulation, all banks in India have to keep 4% of their net demand and time liabilities (NDTL) with the RBI in form of cash without any interest earned.
  •  This 4% cash is known as Cash reserve ratio (CRR). 
  • The CRR maintained on fortnightly basis. In the case of default, the penalty is 3% of bank rate applied on number of default days multiplied with the amount which is fall shortly.
  • Banks in India required to maintained, Minimum 22% and maximum 40% of NDTL in form of gold, cash and security bonds with the RBI which is known as Statutory liquidity ratio(SLR). This SLR can borrow on an overnight basis under the Marginal standing facility
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CICS, BCSBI & Fair practice code

Customer Information control system (CICS)

  • Customer information control system (CICS) is online transaction processing (OLTP) system provide online transaction and connectivity, together with COBOL programming, from IBM mainframe server under z/OS and z/VSE.
  • CICS is a middleware interface. It acts between the operating system and application programs to support rapid and high volume transaction. 
  • By the CICS provided API (application programming interface), A programmer can communicate with a user and read from or write customer. 
  • Like other transaction processing system CICS can ensure that transactions are completed, for incomplete transaction CICS can undo the records to maintain the integrity.
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Promotion And Marketing Information System

Along with product, pricing & placement, promotion & marketing information system are also other integral parts of marketing. The former three make the product marketable, whereas promotion & marketing information system keep the product durable in the market. They help the manufacturer to be in competition with others.
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Pricing & Distribution

Production is just the first step taken by a firm. After the production main challenge starts. Goods are produced on basis of the survey done by the firm. Here comes the second barrier. To make the product marketable pricing & distribution have a good role to play. More often firms have to go for bank loans for their production. To repay the loan sales number should be on the better side.
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Introduction to marketing & product planning

When we think about the market, a buyer-seller scenario comes in our mind. Place where some people showcase their product and some are consuming the products. Basically, the market is an institution where people sell and buy product, service & consultancy. And marketing is a part of management studies, which deals with such place.


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Documentation: All You Need to Know


Till 1968 there was a field of professionals called documentalists. Since 1968 they are known as Information scientists. Now the question is what do they do? As the name suggests, the professionals who keep information in any form and any format about anything. And the job is termed as documentation.
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