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Published on April 11, 2017

Management is the industry that keeps track of all the services related to the industry. Management comes into effect from the very first step taken by the industry. Starting from requirements collection to final production delivery, every part of an industry is observed & taken care of the most vital part of the industry. Cash management service is the management part of the banking industry.
vital part of the industry. Cash management service is the management part of the banking industry.


Cash management service is that part of the banking sector that covers the area of collection, handling, distribution and usage of cash including assessment of market liquidity, cash flow & investment in other various sectors. These are the part of marketing providing all sort of support to all size of business. But in specific term cash management services provide services in cash concentration, zero balance accounting, automated clearing house facilities private banking and so on.

Services of Cash Management:

Following services are provided by the banks & utilised by the business entities & corporate houses.

Account Reconciliation

To prevent cheque fraud and keep the close monitor on the cheques banks provide account reconciliation services. It enables customers to keep detail about their deposited cheques.

Advanced Web Services

An advance internet based service enabling bank employees to create & authorise log on the credential and send wires & access other cash management features.

Armoured Car Services

To ensure the safety of huge deal of cash, banks provide the armoured car to pick up and distribute cash from various sources.

Automated Clearing House

An electronic fund transfer system enabling customers to pay and get payment through internet provided by the banks.

Balance Reporting

This is a web-based cash management service for the corporate clients (mainly) to get information about all sorts of bank transactions & payment activities.

Cash Concentration Services

To distribute cash in every corner of the country by a primary bank, cash concentration service is introduced. This service helps customers to prevent their cash from being idle.

Controlled Disbursement

A service to inform the customers about their account status early in the morning by the banks. So that the customers can make the decision if they will invest in intraday service or not.

Lockbox Services

A mail box service provided by the bank to store the cheques of payment and sometimes detailed requirements for processing to both the larger & smaller entities.

Positive Pay

An electronic register service which monitors & shares cheque details with the bank.

Reverse Positive Pay

In this service, customers have to keep details of their cheque and check with banks if required.

Sweep Account

A process to earn interest overnight by moving excess amount in money market mutual funds and getting the amount back soon.

Zero Balance Account

For the convenience of large companies with numerous bank accounts, banks usually offer service to transfer all the funds deposited in various accounts to the main account. This service does it for the banks.

Wire Transfer

This is a method of fund transferring from a bank account to another using the electronic medium. A wire transfer is a message for the receiving end bank to do the payment as suggested & instructed. This is one of the most convenient methods to transfer funds.

Automated Cash Handling

The process of dispensing counting and tracking cash in a bank, retail, cheque clearing, payday loan/advance, casino or another business environment through specially designed hardware and software to prevent losses, theft and reduce management time for oversight of cash drawer operations is known as automated cash handling.
The cash management service does not only keep a record of cash flow but also saves customers from all sort of fraudulent and time as well.
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