Types of Customers

Published on April 11, 2017

Loyal Customers:

Loyal customers are those people who visit the organisation a multiple number of times. It is thus important to treat them well and keep in touch with them on a regular basis.
These types of customers crave for attention and they expect polite and respectful responses from the supplier. Loyal customers are less in numbers but promote more sales and profit as compared to other customers only because they are the ones who are completely satisfied.

Discount Customers:

Discount customers are also frequent visitors but they are only a part of the business when offers with discounts come up on regular products and brands. More the discount the more they tend towards buying. These customers are mostly related to small industries or the industries that focus on low or marginal investments on products. Focus on discount customers is also necessary because they help in promoting a business.

Impulsive Customers:

Impulsive customers are those who want to do the business in urge or caprice and in turn, it becomes very difficult to convince them. They do not possess any specific item in the product list they hold but urge to buy what they find necessary at that time. Handling these customers is a challenge as they are not particularly looking for a product and want the supplier to display all the items which they possess so that they can purchase as per their choice from that is displayed. If impulsive customers are treated accordingly then there is a high probability that these customers could be a responsible for high percentage of selling.

Need-Based Customers:

These customers are very choosy about the items they are to buy and they buy them only to which they are habitual or they have an urgent need to buy them. These are frequent customers but do not become a part of buying most of the times so it is difficult to satisfy them. These customers should be handled carefully in an optimistic manner by showing them reasons to shift to a similar type product showing them how it would be profitable to them if they buy the product. If such customers are not handled efficiently with positive interaction one can lose them very easily.

Wandering Customers:

Wandering customers are the least profitable customers because at times they are not sure what they would like to buy. These customers are normally new and quite a few times visit suppliers only for confirming their needs on products. They investigate features of most products but do not buy any of those or show least interest in buying. To get hold of such customers they should be guided about the various positive features of the products so that they find a sense of interest in them.
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